Well it’s that time again when most Dolphins Fans hope will turn our team into a real contender for the AFC East division winner and who knows what else? I am talking about free agency and the NFL Draft

We have more holes to fill than a dart board on paper but are we really that far off? Let me start with our Defence and two players in particular, C. Wake and B. Grimes. I have read a lot of reasons to keep these guys on board and yes they have both contributed to the team but we are talking about how much will it cost the team not just in money but their age. We would save a packet if we release them both and see no reason to keep them unless they both take huge pay cuts. I don’t think Cam will be the same player he was, as for Brent he was burned last season so many times I would not want him as a starting DB. What about 2014 Rookie bust Dion Jordan? Where will he fit in, if at all? We can save money there as well don’t you think?

I am sure many of you will disagree so give me your thoughts. I would go hell for leather to keep O. Vernon, I think he can step up and be a great pass rusher, as for D. Shelby if he is going to be cheap then OK. The key areas on the Defence is DE and LB, yes I know we need secondary help to, but was Denver’s Super Bowl CBs that good? It was the front seven. We really need to get this right to have a chance of going far in the Playoffs

On the Offence it is the same old story, O-Line. We really are poor and don’t know how this has not been addressed with the serious attention it needs. It doesn't matter who the QB or RB is, with this lot we are never going to compete. Thing is here do we look to the draft to address the O-Line or free agency. Both have not been that kind to the Dolphins in recent years have they? L. Miller has been solid for the team and I do hope we can reach a deal with him. However we could use the Draft in our favour and take the best RB available but can’t see that happening with too many holes to fill.

I thought the 2015 Draft class was great and really had some impact on the team, D. Parker was brilliant, and looking forward to seeing him in 2016 for sure, J. Philips should improve as well as J. Ajayi who did well once he recovered from his injury. M. Darr did a great job as the punter too, so over all we had a good Draft in 2015 

2016 Draft will be all down to free agency and who is staying. If things pan out right I am hoping we trade down a bit for picks. There are teams looking to fill holes like the Seahawks who need a RB, is that a trade partner? You can also bet teams that need a QB if one should be there when we pick will look to trade. I would go for the best Guard for the O-Line and believe we may be able to drop a few places and get one like Cody Whitehair out of Kansas St. We could go for DE but that’s down to who we keep or get in?

I will update on this next month so let’s start getting the debate going on your wish list

Go Dolphins