Miami Sweep Jets Aside

What does it feel like Dolfans? Miami has guaranteed a winning record in week 15, it has been a long time coming but has finally come back round. This is a team that we can start believing in, we know they haven't made the play-offs yet and it may still go wrong over the next two weeks but they have far outstripped the expectations that were made at the start of the season and even more so after they went 1-4. If you would have said that Miami would lose Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey and Ryan Tannehill to injury, have to deal with key contributors missing for weeks, but still be in with a chance for a play-off spot they would have hailed you as the greatest comedian of this generation. Nobody is laughing know after dismantling the Jets in their own back yard. The Dolphins are a team and they come together to finds ways of beating the opposition. Granted they got exposed by the Ravens, did they panic? We haven't seen it yet, they certainly didn't panic against New York when they fell behind early. 

It seems each week you look back at the game and wonder how they won, how did they overcome the odds. This week was no exception as Bilal Powell couldn't be stopped for the most part of the game, he constantly broke through the line to rip of 5+ yards a time. Bryce Petty was doing enough to keep drives alive in frustrating fashion and Miami could not get the ground game going full stop. The Jets had the ball for 5 minutes more, they had 20 first downs compared to Miami's 13 and finished with 57 net yards more. You would look at those stats and think the score should have been the other way round. 

As we are learning stats aren't everything, Miami are the 24th ranked defense and the 25th ranked offense. Would you rather be the Saints with their top ranked offense or the Texans with the top defense....Nope, you can keep their mind blowing stats and their records, give us this Miami team any day, they have heart and passion and find a way to win through adversity, this franchise could be building something special, if not this year then years to come, we have to say thank you to Stephen Ross for making the right choice and selecting Adam Gase because any other recent coaching staff would not have got the same results with the current roster.

Hands up who was slightly worried when Petty hit Robby Anderson on their opening drive for a 40 yard touchdown strike making it look really easy. We have been here before trying to win games in December. Things didn't improve when the Dolphins first two drives didn't get out of first gear, yet the lowly Jets were moving the ball with relative ease, they weren't scoring but they looked like they were the team trying to stay in the play-off race, not Miami. It wasn't as if the Dolphins defense wasn't trying to get things going as Cam Wake had a sack fumble of Petty which was recovered by Ndamukong Suh, the offense was just playing uninspired. Then something clicked and Moore started moving the ball down the field, finally hitting Dion Sims in the front corner of the endzone, the play was initially ruled a catch out of bounds but after Gase challenged the called it was overturned as Sims managed to come down with both knees inbounds, Franks did miss the extra point but after that Miami didn't look back. 

Wake hadn't finished because on the next Jets drive, rather than rush the passer he dropped back into coverage, Petty didn't see him and Wake snagged his first career interception. Unfortunately Miami couldn't do anything with it and had to punt, but it wasn't long before the offense got the ball again as Powell was stopped on a fourth and one, the play was reviewed but the call on the field was upheld. A couple of plays later and Kenny Stills ran under a Moore bomb en-route to a 52 yard touchdown. Just like that Miami were up 13-7 and seemed to be heating up, the Jets weren't finished though as they tried their luck at throwing the ball down the field, 11 straight passes and they came away with a field goal for their trouble and the teams went into the half 13-10.

‚ÄčThe second half didn't start well as Miami received the kick-off only to have the drive stopped by an interception by Moore, on this day it wouldn't really matter as the Jets were forced to punt shortly after and this is where the pain started to rain down on the Jets. The Dolphins special teams came up big with a blocked punt by Walt Aikens who located the ball, scooped it up and ran in for a score. Straight after the kick-off Tony Lippett made a great diving interception, snatching the ball out of the air right in front of Anderson. Moore went to work connecting on 31 and 28 yard passes with Dion Sims stopping short of the goal line, a couple of unsuccessful runs and it seemed as though the Jets would get the better of the Dolphins offense, Moore had other ideas as he rolled out to his right and found Sims uncovered in the back of the endzone for another TD. The Dolphins weren't done just yet because on the first play of their next possession Jarvis Landry caught a short pass on a slant and raced 66 yards to pay dirt. 34-10 and the Jets had no hope of a come back. They did add 3 points in the fourth quarter but not before Petty was knocked out of the game when Wake and Suh found themselves unbelievably free to run full speed at Petty, pancaking him as they converged and taking him out of the game. Not sure what the offensive line was thinking but it wasn't the first time that Wake had an unimpeded path to the QB. Game over and Miami record another win to guarantee a winning record, to top it off New England beat the Broncos pushing them back into the 7th seed spot, elevating Miami back into play-off contention.

Next up are the Bills who undoubtedly are a tougher proposition at home with a healthy LeSean McCoy, last time round McCoy was missing in action, this time he is going to see a lot of action and the Dolphins need to be prepared for him. There is a lot at stake especially as Miami close out against New England and that is by no means a winnable game, staying at 9 wins does not guarantee a wild card spot so the Dolphins need to come out hot this Saturday, it would be a perfect Christmas present for all Dolfans.